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"Become the warrior You are meant to be"

Greetings visitor! It's great to have you stop by. At Complete Warrior Fitness our professional coaches promote and offer a wide variety of services to help you reach your absolute best level of health and wellness. Some of these services include:

* One-on-One Exercise Therapy                              * One-on-One Boxing and Kickboxing

* Small Group Training                                           * Health Evaluations Based on Ayurveda (Eastern Medicine)

* Unique Yoga Regimens Based on Your Body Type  * An Individualized Approach to Nutrition

* Meditation Based on Your Mental Constitution        * Lifestyle Coaching

These are only some of the services we offer, and we are always excited to add more. We believe in a balanced body, mind, and spirit approach to fitness since we ourselves do our best to practice what we preach every day. We are dedicated to serving you, and we hope you visit us soon in our brand new facility. To schedule your evaluation please book your spot online here or reach out to us via e-mail or phone. Spots are filling fast so please act soon. Feel the power!! 

– Warriors Ark and Greg


"Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do."


- Bruce Lee


Ark Madej

"Let's feel the power, warrior!"


Ark Madej or Arjunacarya Das (spiritual name in the tradition of bhakti-yoga) is an Ayurvedic life-style consultant, yoga teacher, physical therapist, and self-defense coach who has been an avid practitioner of martial arts throughout his life. Ark's approach to coaching has a multidimensional basis that integrates three essential aspects of human health: physical, emotional, and spiritual. It aims at providing everyone with knowledge on how to lead a balanced, dynamic, and satisfying lifestyle. Such an approach further combines the latest discoveries in the field of fitness and science with the ancient and well-proven principles found in the medical books of India. Ark's clients are offered a methodology for genuine fitness to “Feel the Power,”! As he says.

As an Elmhurst College Honor Roll Graduate in Liberal Arts with a major in Philosophy and minor in Psychology, Ark loves writing, educating, and sharing his knowledge and practical realizations. He is currently pursuing his doctoral studies in the field of natural medicine. In 2005 he authored a complete exposition of his vision of life in the “Transcendental Warrior” book trilogy. In 2010 he released “Krishna Warrior Fitness Challenge,” a book on functional fitness along with a demo DVD. His latest soon to be published work, "Smart Chi", which uniquely combines practical knowledge of Ayurveda, fitness training, and martial arts, comes as no surprise and presents no ordinary knowledge. You are invited to contribute to the list of supporters and have your name listed in the book itself. For more information, contact Ark here.

Greg Madej

"Become a better version of yourself each day!"


Greg Madej or Govinda Das (spiritual name in the tradition of bhakti-yoga) is the other half of the dynamic Madej brother duo. He is a certified fitness trainer and a certified specialist in fitness nutrition through ISSA. He is also a FitStrike Kickboxing and MMA fitness trainer and a Functional Movement Systems Level 1 certified coach. Like his brother he too has been an avid practitioner of martial arts throughout his life. Greg's passion for fitness and overall wellness began at an early age when he dealt with a host of serious health issues as a young boy. After overcoming his daunting challenges he grew serious about not only strengthening his body but also his spirit. Greg loves to push his clients to become better each day and to inspire them to achieve their goals in a fun and safe way. Working out doesn't have to be torture!

Greg graduated magna cum laude from the Illinois Institue of Art in Schaumburg. He worked as a professional artist and educator in the game art, animation, and design fields for many years while all the while staying current in the fitness realm. After taking a break from the professional art world he became a fitness coach full time and honed his craft while utilizing all of the lessons learned as a college educator. He loves teaching as well as creating art, playing music, and writing. These days he works on personal creative projects in his spare time while dedicating his energies to fully realize CWF. It's always been his dream to be able to open up a warrior gym with his brother, and now the dream is realized!



Getting Here:

We are conveniently located near downtown Palatine and just south of Northwest Highway (US HWY14). Main entrance is by the back of the building.

Our Address:

345 N Eric Dr Suite 500, Palatine, IL 60067



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